St Antony Committee Leaders & Members

If you are interested in becoming a committee member or leader (where requested) for any of the following Parish Committee Ministries, please contact Starla Hyde at or by texting/calling at 918-260-9254. 

Education Committee Leader:

We are looking for an Education committee leader. This person would lead the charge when it comes to securing and implementing educational programs for St Anthony parish.  This would include education programs for catechumen, adults, teens, children, guest speakers, workshops, and retreats.

If you have passion for education and growing our parish spiritually, this role could be for you!

Parish Life Committee Leader:

We are looking for a Parish Life Committee Leader. This person would plan, implement, and evaluate activities for St Antony parish. This includes designing programs to encourage socialization, provide entertainment, connection, and enrichment, and improve the Orthodox Christian journey. This would include, but not limited to: Hafli, festivals, Mom/Dad night out, Men/Women’s group, family play days, college fellowship, and youth events.

If you have a passion for creating community and helping others connect, this role could be for you!

Outreach Committee Members and Leaders:

We are looking for Outreach Committee Members; for people who want to support the St Anthony parish community. This committee currently includes the ministry known as The Order of St. Elizabeth. For several years, the Order of St. Elizabeth has been involved in outreach to families in need, meals of mercy, holiday meals, phone calls of encouragement, home visits, and visitation shut-ins. St. Elizabeth is currently open to adding new volunteers.

While the Order of St. Elizabeth will remain focused on those activities, The Outreach Committee is also looking to expand into other ministries (with new leaders) so as to meet other needs. These include: following up with missing parish members, establishing a food pantry, and a clothing drive. New outreach activities could also include organizing outreach campaigns, coordinating events, and determining better ways to support our parish. If you have passion for giving back and helping our parish families, please consider joining or leading an outreach ministry!

Construction Committee Members:

We are looking for construction committee members. Members of this committee have responsibility for routine maintenance, the building's exterior, landscaping, beautification, and the interior. Committee members would conduct or supervise strategic planning and mission definition for St Antony in relation to building/rebuilding.

Additional duties include but are not limited to evaluating needs for new construction, renovation or remodeling, and how improvements can align with the parish vision and mission statements. The research and analysis done may include gathering input from the parish, surveying the members to identify skills and resources they might offer, and studying the impact on the neighborhood.

Greeter Ministry Members:

We are looking to add additional greeters for Sunday Morning Orthros/Divine Liturgy services and seasonal services (Pascha, Nativity, etc.). The primary commitment would be on Sunday mornings. The Greeter Ministry would like to have a rotation where members are serving, on average, about once a month. Individuals, married couples, and friend-teams are welcome. If you would like to provide a warm greeting to all and help newcomers feel welcome, please consider joining this rewarding ministry of service.

What we are looking for in a Committee Leader

  • They Have a Fearless Approach. To be a volunteer requires a lot of courage & commitment
  • They Have Infinite Patience
  • They Can Think Creatively
  • They Are Excellent Communicators
  • They Are Eager to Take Initiative
  • They Stay Humble About Their Work
  • They Are Driven by Passion
  • They Can Work in Teams

Again, if you are interested in becoming a committee member or leader (where requested) for any of the above Parish Committee Ministries, please contact Starla Hyde at or by texting/calling at 918-260-9254.