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This Weekend at St. Antony

Memorial Sunday and St. Nicholas Day Celebrations

Fr. George thanks everyone who worked on our Mini Hafli. We accomplished what we planned and learned that we can develop different ways to be successful.

A reminder that we are in the Nativity Fast from now until Christmas. To learn more about why we fast, read this article on our website from Fr. Tom Hopko.

St. Nicholas Day Zoom Party

We're opening a Zoom room up for our parish kids to come together and celebrate the feast day of St. Nicholas. There will be a time for the kids to talk and catch up, and Mr. Symon will continue our annual tradition of reading the life of St. Nicholas. We have emailed out the Zoom information and posted it in our Facebook Groups. If you don't have it, please email For the safety of everyone attending, there is a waiting room when you join before you're brought into the party by Dn. Thom. A special thank you to Ruthie and Symon for helping to put this together. 

Learn more about St. Nicholas and how to celebrate his feast day here on our website.

Memorial Sunday

On the first Sunday of each month, we remember those from our parish who have fallen asleep in the Lord over the years. This Sunday, we'll be praying the Trisagion for those we have lost in the month of December. Please, join us in praying for the souls of:

  • Bus Bayouth (2010)
  • Solomon Bayouth (1954)
  • Noelle Cohlmia (1997)
  • Vickie Cox (2004)
  • Debbie Dirion (2006)
  • Najla Farhood (1998)
  • Zahra Naifeh (1976)
  • Jennie Rahal (1995)
  • Helen Timo (2013)

May their memories be eternal.

This Weekend

Below is a schedule of activities at the parish this weekend, with downloadable services to read at home:

Saturday, December 5th

3:00 pm - Catechumen/Inquirers Class 
5:00 pm - Great Vespers
6:00 pm - Confession

Sunday, December 6th
8:50 am - Orthros
10:00 pm - Divine Liturgy (please RSVP and remember to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose while you're in the parish)
11:45 pm - Holy Communion (for those not attending Liturgy)
2:00 pm - Virtual St. Nicholas Day party (Please check our Facebook group or contact Dn. Thom if you need the Zoom information)