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Today's the Feast Day of St. Raphael of Brooklyn

Today is the feast day of St. Raphael of Brooklyn, the patron saint of our camp. Read more about the life of our beloved saint and the Shepherd of the Lost Sheep of North America on our website

Hafli Update

This year, we're hosting a mini-Hafli. You'll be able to order some of your favorites like hashwa, hummus, meat and spinach pies, greba, and mamoul to pick up the weekend before Thanksgiving. We're still going to need your help! Order and volunteer information will be available this week.

Wednesday Divine Liturgy

With the days getting shorter and it getting darker earlier, we have moved the Wednesday Divine Liturgies to 10:30 am, and communion will be available through the lunch hour. 

This Wednesday, however, there will be no liturgy because Fr. George will participate in the Veteran's Day parade. He's riding in the parade's second car as an honoree of the parade and will give the invocation live on Channel 8. Fr. George was honored with a lifetime membership in the VFW when he arrived at St. Antony by the older veterans at the parish, and his participation in the parade will be to honor them and all who have served from our parish.

Additional Updates

The city is stripping 6th Street and will be removing the street parking. New bike lanes will be added, reducing the street in front of our parish to two lanes. Please use extra caution while you're adjusting to the changes.

We have a new website at, as well as a new email service. If you or someone you know is not receiving updates, please signup for our newsletter on our homepage and check the Updates section of our website for all updates.

Synaxis of the Holy Archangels

Supreme Leaders of the Heavenly Hosts, we implore you that by your prayers you will encircle us, unworthy as we are, with the protection of the wings of your immaterial glory and guard us who fall down before you and fervently cry: deliver us from dangers, for you are the commanders of the powers above.

+Troparion of the Feast, Tone 4

O Archangel Michael whose countenance is like lightning, gleaming in an ineffable manner with the illuminations of the Trinity, of exceeding divine brilliancy, thou dost traverse the whole creation like lightning, fulfilling the divine command, watching over, preserving, and sheltering those who joyfully laud thee.

+Exaposteilarion of the Feast, Tone 2

On November 8 in the Holy Orthodox Church we celebrate the Synaxis of the Supreme Commanders Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and of the other bodiless and heavenly orders, the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Powers, Authorities, Principalities, Archangels, and Angels.

Dionysius the Areopagite, a disciple of the Apostle Paul who was taken up into the third heaven (II Cor. 12:2), described the nine orders of angels in his book, On the Celestial Hierarchies. The Apostle Paul says all angels are ministering spirits, sent forth to minister to them who shall be heirs of salvation (Heb. 1:14). The leader of all the angelic hosts is the Archangel Michael. When Satan fell away from God and drew a part of the angels with him to destruction, then Michael stood up and cried out before the faithful angels: “Let us stand aright! Let us stand with fear! Let us attend!” and all of the faithful angelic heavenly hosts cried out: “Holy! Holy! Holy! Lord God of Sabaoth! Heaven and earth are full of Thy glory!” The Archangel Gabriel proclaimed the news of the conceptions of John the Baptist and our Lord Jesus Christ to their mothers, Elizabeth and the Ever-virgin Mary (Luke 1). The Archangel Raphael healed Tobit of his blindness (Tobit 11) and freed his daughter-in-law, Sarah, from a demon (Tobit 6). Every nation has its guardian angel, as does every Christian. We must always remember that whatever we do, in open or in secret, we do in the presence of our guardian angel.

By their holy intercessions, O God, have mercy upon us. Amen. (Synaxarion of the Feast)

Below is a schedule of activities at the parish this weekend, with downloadable services to read at home:

Saturday, November 7th

3:00 pm - Catechumen/Inquirers Class
5:00 pm - Great Vespers
6:00 pm - Confession

Sunday, November 8th

8:50 am - Orthros
10:00 pm - Divine Liturgy (please RSVP and remember to wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose while you're in the parish)
11:45 pm - Holy Communion (for those not at Liturgy)

Praying for Our Veterans

Please remember those who members who served our country in your prayers. 

Veterans at our parish

Billy Bayouth
Dylan Bayouth +
Cullen Carroll +
James Dunlap+
Fr. George Eber
Tom Hannah
Bill Johnson
Jake ”Chip" Jorishie
Jake Jorishie*
Tracy Loper +
Elizabeth Nicholes +
Gwen Palace
Lewis Pappas
Fred Rahal
Jihrleah Showman
Jonathan Showman +
Dennis "Sully" Sullivan
Art Veros
Brian Worley
(+ denotes the person is currently serving in active duty)

Veterans from our parish who have fallen asleep in the Lord

Bus Bayouth
Eddie Bayouth
Kay Bayouth
William Bayouth
Bill Carter
Bill Farris
Jimmie Naifeh
Irene Pappas
Carl Taylor

Memorial Sunday

On the first Sunday of each month, we remember those in our parish who fell asleep in the Lord that month. This month, join us in praying for:

George Bayouth (1961)
Vifa Khourie (1978)
Tillie Naifeh (1999)
Helen Naifeh (1999)
Bill Farris (2002)
Rose Mae Adwon (2002)
Jannette Naifeh (2011)
Irene Pappas (2015)
Hope Merriman (2017)